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il delfino

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il delfino
Via Fiascherino, 104
Tellaro - 
 Lerici: Tellaro & Fiascherino La Spezia

tel. +39 0187 969092


Francesca Cortesi make a lucky binomial in the local ristoration.

The enthusiasm for their work is really important, together with the young age and the beauty of the village where the restaurant is located: you will find this restaurant at the crossroad of two ways, along the way that leads to Tellaro, before the village, after having covered to the coast of Fiascherino

The fish is always fresh, and the availability of it depends on the daily availability at the harbour.

There are hot and cold appetizers with tasty "focacce" cooked in the wood oven: clams soup, anchovies, octopus salad and hot sea salad.

Among the first dishes we indicate: lobster lump, "trofie al pesto" and "spaghetti allo scoglio"; about the second dishes we indicate the fish fried in the pan, sea fruits cooked in the wood oven and the small cuttlefishes with "farro" grains and parmisan.

If you don’t like the fish cuisine, there is the possibility to have a good pizza.

To clude the meal, you can choose handmade cakes. .

Reservation suggested.

The price, wines excluded, is about 30-35 euros per person.
Credit cards accepted excluded American Express.

Via Fiascherino 104
Phone 0187-969092

Closed on Monday, in August open seven days a week.
Opening time: evening, Saturday and Sunday even at lunch.
Vacation period: November

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